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Realizacja projektu przyczyni się do umiędzynarodowienia polskiej nauki poprzez zwiększenie udziału polskich badaczy z zakresu nauk prawnych w międzynarodowej komunikacji naukowej i popularyzację polskiej myśli prawnej w zakresie bieżących problemów badawczych, kluczowych dla globalnego rozwoju społeczno-gospodarczego, w dziedzinie nauk prawnych i pokrewnych. Dzięki wnikliwej ocenie propozycji projektów wydawniczych przez Radę Naukową Projektu pod przewodnictwem dr hab. Celiny Nowak, prof. INP PAN będzie możliwe podjęcie przez wykonawców pionierskich prac w zakresie zidentyfikowanych problemów, co przyczyni się do podniesienia jakości i przełomowości badań naukowych (frontier research), prowadzonych przez polskich naukowców w pracy nad publikacjami, będącymi efektem realizacji projektu.


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    EU Trade Mark Law and Product Protection: A Comparative Analysis of Trade Mark Functionality
    (Routledge, 2023) Brâncuși, Lavinia
    This book employs scholarly analysis to ground practical tools for applying the EU Trade Mark law (EUTM) functionality refusal grounds to address business needs when registering trade marks consisting of product characteristics. The study comprehensively examines the absolute grounds for a refusal of registration of functional signs under EUTM. It interprets the functionality refusal grounds through objective tests, focusing on the pro-competition rationale of denying trade mark exclusivity on product features that are technically or aesthetically important for competitors’ ability to trade in alternative products. The work takes a comparative approach looking at the US trade dress functionality doctrine, and a law and economics perspective on the role of trade marks and brands in the marketplace. It explores how competition rules related to market definition and the substitutability of products, as well as marketing and design findings related to branding and aesthetics, could be integrated into the legal assessment of EUTM functionality. The volume will be of interest to academics and researchers working in the areas of Intellectual Property Law, Trade Mark and Design Law, EU Law, Comparative Law, and Branding.
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    Persuasion and Legal Reasoning in the ECtHR Rulings : Balancing Impossible Demands
    (Routledge, 2023-05-23) Mężykowska, Aleksandra; Młynarska-Sobaczewska, Anna
    This book analyses the case law of the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) from the point of view of argumentative tools used by the Court to persuade the audience – States, applicants and public opinion – of the correctness of its rulings. The ECtHR judgments selected by the authors concern justification of some of the most difficult issues. These are matters related to human life, human dignity and the right to self-determination in matters concerning one’s private life. The authors looked for paths and repetitive patterns of argumentation and divided them into three categories of argumentative tools: authority, deontological and teleological. The work tracks how ECtHR judges aim to find a consensual, universal and, at the same time, pragmatic and axiologically neutral narrative on the collisions of rights and interests in the areas under discussion. It analyses whether the voice of the ECtHR carries the overtones of an ethical statement and, if so, to which arguments it appeals. The book will be of interest to academics and researchers working in the areas of jurisprudence, human rights law, and law and language.