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"Contemporary Central and East European Law" 2019, vol. I (133)

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dc.contributor.author Mężykowska, Aleksandra
dc.contributor.author Domańska, Monika
dc.contributor.author Młynarska-Sobaczewska, Anna
dc.contributor.author Kubuj, Katarzyna
dc.contributor.author Miąsik, Dawid
dc.contributor.author Brancusi, Lavinia
dc.contributor.author Szwarc, Monika
dc.contributor.author Błachucki, Mateusz
dc.contributor.author Sperka-Cieciura, Alina
dc.contributor.author Jankowska, Marlena
dc.contributor.author Kleczkowska, Agata
dc.contributor.author Czarnecki, Łukasz
dc.contributor.author Mazan, Aleksander
dc.contributor.author Suknarowska-Drzewiecka, Ewa
dc.contributor.author Klaus, Witold
dc.contributor.author Kuczyńska, Hanna
dc.contributor.author Buczkowski, Konrad
dc.contributor.author Wiktorska, Paulina
dc.date.accessioned 2020-12-11T13:47:58Z
dc.date.available 2020-12-11T13:47:58Z
dc.date.issued 2020
dc.identifier.citation Contemporary Central and East European Law vol. I (133), Warszawa, 2019.
dc.identifier.issn 2719-4256 (Online)
dc.identifier.issn 0070-7325 (Print)
dc.description << s. 5-6 >>
dc.description Foreword
dc.description << s. 7-9 >>
dc.description Abbreviations
dc.description << s. 10-20 >>
dc.description Anna Młynarska-Sobaczewska, Katarzyna Kubuj, Aleksandra Mężykowska
dc.description Public Morality as a Legitimate Aim to Limit Rights and Freedoms in the National and International Legal Order
dc.description << s. 21-32 >>
dc.description Monika Domańska, Dawid Miąsik, Monika Szwarc
dc.description The Application of EU Law by Polish Courts: General Remarks on 15 Years of Experience
dc.description << s. 33-42 >>
dc.description Mateusz Błachucki
dc.description The Role of Soft Law in Functioning of Supranational Competition Networks
dc.description << s. 43-54 >>
dc.description Lavinia Brancusi
dc.description Why is the Functionality Doctrine in Trade Mark Law worth Advanced (Re)Consideration?
dc.description << s. 55-63 >>
dc.description Alina Sperka-Cieciura
dc.description The Impact of the Ownership Structure of the Company Managing an Airport on its Functioning
dc.description << s. 64-74 >>
dc.description Marlena Jankowska
dc.description Copyright – an Ally for Fashion in the Intellectual Property Rights System?
dc.description << s. 75-93 >>
dc.description Agata Kleczkowska
dc.description Explaining the Meaning of ‘Grey Zones’ in Public International Law Based on the Example of the Conflict in Ukraine
dc.description << s. 94-103 >>
dc.description Łukasz Czarnecki
dc.description The 2020 Foreign Investment Law of China: Confucianism and New Challenges for Social Development
dc.description << s. 104-117 >>
dc.description Aleksander Mazan
dc.description Confucianism and New Challenges for Social Development
dc.description << s. 118-131 >>
dc.description Ewa Suknarowska-Drzewiecka
dc.description Polish Employment Law in the Face of Digitization and New Technologies
dc.description << s. 132-141 >>
dc.description Witold Klaus
dc.description Criminalisation of Beggars: the Causes and Consequences of the Phenomenon
dc.description << s. 142-160 >>
dc.description Hanna Kuczyńska
dc.description Nazi Crimes in Poland: a Never-Ending Search for Justice
dc.description << s. 161-170 >>
dc.description Paulina Wiktorska, Konrad Buczkowski
dc.description How Crime has Changed in a Universally Mobile Society, Based on the Example of Poland: a Research Concept
dc.language.iso en pl_PL
dc.publisher Publishing House of ILS PAS pl_PL
dc.subject Public Morality
dc.subject Universally Mobile Society
dc.subject crime
dc.subject Search for Justice
dc.subject Nazi Crimes in Poland
dc.subject Causes of Criminalisation of Beggars
dc.subject Consequences of Criminalisation of Beggars
dc.subject Conflict in Ukraine
dc.subject Digitization and New Technologies
dc.subject Polish Employment Law
dc.subject New Challenges for Social Development in China
dc.subject Foreign Investment Law
dc.subject Confucianism in China
dc.subject Limit Rights
dc.subject public international law
dc.subject Grey Zones
dc.subject Intellectual Property Rights System
dc.subject Copyrights
dc.subject Functioning of the Company Managing an Airport
dc.subject Ownership Structure of the Company Managing an Airport
dc.subject Limit Freedoms
dc.subject International Legal Order
dc.subject Trade Mark Law
dc.subject Functioning of Supranational Competition Networks
dc.subject Role of Soft Law
dc.subject Application of EU Law
dc.subject polish court
dc.subject national legal orders
dc.title "Contemporary Central and East European Law" 2019, vol. I (133) pl_PL
dc.type Periodical pl_PL

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