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"Polish Yearbook of International Law" 1979-1980, vol. X

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dc.contributor.author Symonides, Janusz
dc.contributor.author Multan, Wojciech
dc.contributor.author de Fiumel, Henryk
dc.contributor.author Szafarz, Renata
dc.contributor.author Tyranowski, Jerzy
dc.contributor.author Góralczyk, Wojciech
dc.contributor.author Kwiatkowska-Czechowska, Barbara
dc.contributor.author Łopuski, Jan
dc.contributor.author Rajski, Jerzy
dc.contributor.author Sośniak, Mieczysław
dc.contributor.author Skąpski, Józef
dc.contributor.author Tomaszewski, Maciej
dc.contributor.author Wiśniewski, Andrzej
dc.contributor.author GRABOWSKA, Genowefa
dc.date.accessioned 2020-09-07T11:39:07Z
dc.date.available 2020-09-07T11:39:07Z
dc.date.issued 1979-1980
dc.identifier.citation "Polish Yearbook of International Law" 1979-1980, vol. X pl_PL
dc.identifier.issn 0554-498X
dc.description << s. 7-37 >>
dc.description JANUSZ SYMONIDES,
dc.description The Polish Initiative on the Preparation of Societies for Life in Peace
dc.description << s. 39-65 >>
dc.description WOJCIECH MULTAN,
dc.description Military Détente - Contemporary Contents and Meaning
dc.description << s. 67-76 >>
dc.description HENRYK de FIUMEL,
dc.description Aspects juridiques des relations officielles entre le C.A.E.M. et la C.E.E
dc.description << s. 77-113 >>
dc.description RENATA SZAFARZ,
dc.description Vienna Convention on Succession of States iii Respect of Treaties: a General Analysis
dc.description << s. 115-135 >>
dc.description JERZY TYRANOWSKI,
dc.description State Succession: Boundaries and Boundary Treaties
dc.description << s. 137-155 >>
dc.description WOJCIECH GÓRALCZYK,
dc.description The New Law of the Sea
dc.description << s. 157-176 >>
dc.description States’ Responsibility for Pollution Damage Resulting from the Exploration for and Exploitation of Seabed Mineral Resources
dc.description << s. 177-192 >>
dc.description JAN ŁOPUSKI,
dc.description Liability for Damage in Maritime Shipping under the Aspect of Risk Allocation
dc.description << s. 193-200 >>
dc.description JERZY RAJSKI,
dc.description L’influence du développement du commerce international sur la théorie des obligations
dc.description << s. 201-217 >>
dc.description MIECZYSŁAW SOŚNIAK,
dc.description The Principle of Equality of Sexes as Regards the Contraction', Invalidation and Dissolution of a Marriage in the Socialist Systems of International Private Law with Particular Regard to Polish Law
dc.description << s. 219-231 >>
dc.description JÓZEF SKĄPSKI,
dc.description The Principle of Equality of Sexes with Respect to Relations Between Parents and Children (Including Adoption) in the Socialist Systems of International Private Law with Particular Regard to Polish Law
dc.description << s. 233-255 >>
dc.description GENOWEFA GRABOWSKA,
dc.description Observers of States in International Organizations of a Universal Character
dc.description << s. 257-268 >>
dc.description MACIEJ TOMASZEWSKI,
dc.description Polish Court Judgements in International Civil Law Cases
dc.description << s. 269-277 >>
dc.description ANDRZEJ W. WIŚNIEWSKI,
dc.description Awards of the Court of Arbitration at the Polish Chamber of Foreign Trade in Warsaw
dc.description << s. 279-310 >>
dc.description Book reviews
dc.description << s. 311-317 >>
dc.description Obituaires
dc.description << s. 319-326 >>
dc.description Treaties
dc.description << s. 327-345 >>
dc.description Bibliography
dc.publisher Institute of Law Studies Polish Academy of Sciences pl_PL
dc.subject peace
dc.subject Military Détente
dc.subject C.E.E
dc.subject CAEM
dc.subject Vienna Convention
dc.subject Succession of States
dc.subject Respect of Treaties
dc.subject State Succession
dc.subject Boundaries
dc.subject Boundary Treaties
dc.subject New Law of the Sea
dc.subject States’ Responsibilities
dc.subject Pollution Damage
dc.subject Exploitation of Seabed
dc.subject Mineral Resources
dc.subject liability for damages
dc.subject Maritime Shipping
dc.subject The Principle of Equality of Sexes
dc.subject Contraction of a Marriage
dc.subject Invalidation of a Marriage
dc.subject Dissolution of a Marriage
dc.subject polish law
dc.subject International Private Law
dc.subject Socialist Systems
dc.subject Relations Between Parents and Children
dc.subject Adoption
dc.subject States in International Organizations
dc.subject Polish Court Judgements
dc.subject International Civil Law Cases
dc.subject Court of Arbitration
dc.subject Polish Chamber of Foreign
dc.subject Warsaw
dc.subject international disputes
dc.subject spory międzynarodowe
dc.subject państwa bałtyckie
dc.subject Baltic States
dc.subject Karta Narodów Zjednoczonych
dc.subject United Nations
dc.subject Organs of International Organizations
dc.subject państwa kapitalistyczne
dc.subject organizacje międzynarodowe
dc.subject Code of the Law of Treaties
dc.subject Międzynarodowe organizacje morskie
dc.subject International Maritime Organization
dc.subject prawo traktatów
dc.subject Polska i świat
dc.subject Contemporary International Relations
dc.subject integracja gospodarcza państw
dc.subject RWPG
dc.subject CMEA
dc.subject Socialist States
dc.subject nieważność umów międzynarodowych
dc.subject Invalidity of International Treaties
dc.subject prawo dyplomatyczne
dc.subject prawo konsularne
dc.title "Polish Yearbook of International Law" 1979-1980, vol. X pl_PL
dc.type Periodical pl_PL

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