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"Archiwum Kryminologii" 2020, t. XLII, nr 1

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dc.contributor.author Gilinskiy, Yakov
dc.contributor.author Dikaeva, Milana
dc.contributor.author Kó, József
dc.contributor.author Bačanović, Oliver
dc.contributor.author Stanojoska, Angelina
dc.contributor.author Buczkowski, Konrad
dc.contributor.author Wiktorska, Paulina
dc.contributor.author Woźniakowska-Fajst, Dagmara
dc.contributor.author Dr. Deres, Petronella
dc.contributor.author Windt, Szandra
dc.contributor.author Grzyb, Magdalena
dc.contributor.author Ostaszewski, Paweł
dc.contributor.author Oancea, Gabriel
dc.contributor.author Micle, Mihai Ioan
dc.contributor.author Klimczak, Joanna
dc.contributor.author Niełaczna, Maria
dc.contributor.author Váně, Jan
dc.contributor.author Dirga, Lukáš
dc.date.accessioned 2020-09-23T09:18:18Z
dc.date.available 2020-09-23T09:18:18Z
dc.date.issued 2020
dc.identifier.citation "Archiwum Kryminologii" 2020, t. XLII, nr 1 pl_PL
dc.identifier.issn 0066-6890
dc.description << s. 5-7 >>
dc.description Introduction
dc.description << s. 9-21 >>
dc.description Prof. Yakov Gilinskiy (University of the General Prosecutor’s Ofce of Russia)
dc.description Criminology and the criminal justice system in the Russian Federation afer socio-political transformation
dc.description << s. 23-44 >>
dc.description dr. Milana Salmanovna Dikaeva (Herzen State Pedagogical University)
dc.description Penal policy in the Russian Federation: Trends and perspectives
dc.description << s. 45-73 >>
dc.description Prof. József Kó (National Institute of Criminology)
dc.description Crime statistics in Hungary, 1968–2017: What is shaping the trend?
dc.description << s. 75-96 >>
dc.description Prof. Dr. sc. Oliver Bačanović and Assoc. Prof. Dr. sc. Angelina Stanojoska (University ‘St Kliment Ohridski’)
dc.description Crime and criminality in the Republic of North Macedonia: A general overview of the period 1991–2018
dc.description << s. 97-115 >>
dc.description Dr. Konrad Buczkowski and Dr. Paulina Wiktorska (Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences)
dc.description Crime in the subsequent adult life of former juvenile offenders: Selected aspects of the impact of political transformation in Poland on a return to delinquency by adults who were juvenile delinquents in the 1980s and 2000s
dc.description << s. 117-138 >>
dc.description Dr. hab. Dagmara Woźniakowska-Fajst (Institute of Law Studies, Polish Academy of Sciences)
dc.description 20 years on the path – the criminal careers of polish juvenile girls
dc.description << s. 139-161 >>
dc.description Dr. Petronella Deres and Dr. Szandra Windt (National Institute of Criminology)
dc.description The characteristics of trafcking in human beings in Hungary and Romania
dc.description << s, 163-183 >>
dc.description Dr. Magdalena Grzyb (Jagiellonian University)
dc.description ‘We condemn abusing violence against women’: Te criminalization of domestic violence in Poland
dc.description << s. 185-206 >>
dc.description Dr. Paweł Ostaszewski (University of Warsaw)
dc.description Transition in offences of not paying maintenance in Poland
dc.description << s. 207-224 >>
dc.description Dr. Gabriel Oancea (University of Bucharest) and Dr. Mihai Ioan Micle (Romanian Academy)
dc.description Te emergence of community control sanctions in the Romanian sanctioning system
dc.description << s. 225-252 >>
dc.description Mgr Joanna Klimczak and Dr. Maria Niełaczna (University of Warsaw)
dc.description Extreme criminal penalties: Death penalty and life imprisonment in the Polish penal and penitentiary system
dc.description << s. 253-269 >>
dc.description Doc. dr. Jan Váně and Dr. Lukáš Dirga (University of West Bohemia in Pilsen)
dc.description Te prison chaplain as a part of penitentiary care? Transformation of the Czech prison system afer the fall of communism
dc.description << s. 271-272 >>
dc.description List of reviewers in 2017–2020
dc.publisher Instytut Nauk Prawnych PAN. Zakład Kryminologii pl_PL
dc.subject criminology
dc.subject criminal justice system
dc.subject Russian Federation
dc.subject socio-political transformation
dc.subject penal policy
dc.subject crime statistics
dc.subject Hungary
dc.subject crime
dc.subject criminality
dc.subject Republic of North Macedonia
dc.subject juvenile offenders
dc.subject political transformation in Poland
dc.subject delinquency by adults
dc.subject juvenile delinquents
dc.subject criminal careers
dc.subject polish juvenile girls
dc.subject Central European Countries
dc.subject Eastern European countries
dc.subject socio-political transformation
dc.subject trafcking in human beings
dc.subject Hungary
dc.subject Romania
dc.subject violence against women
dc.subject criminalization of domestic violence
dc.subject not paying maintenances
dc.subject community control
dc.subject sanctions
dc.subject Romanian sanctioning system
dc.subject extreme criminal penalties
dc.subject death penalty
dc.subject life imprisonment
dc.subject Polish penitentiary system
dc.subject prison chaplain
dc.subject penitentiary care
dc.subject Czech prison system
dc.subject fall of communism
dc.title "Archiwum Kryminologii" 2020, t. XLII, nr 1 pl_PL
dc.type Periodical pl_PL

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